Mar 9, 2010

light unto my path,

Well, this past weekend we took a trip up the town we want to move to. We had a meeting with the seminary staff, and it was enlightening. They were able to give us some ideas, help, encouragement, and direction again.
Jeremy is working real hard to do what they have recommended, and we could, by God's grace, still be in F.F. in the fall. Jeremy is applying to a seminary that has distance learning and seeing how many credits will transfer and what classes he would have to take distance learning. That seminary can possible provide his BS degree. The seminary we've been aiming for has already approved him to take a couple under grad classes while attending online with a different seminary.
It's a little messy, but makes all the sense in the world to us. Please pray this works out. We're excited again for the possibility to move this fall.
We also met a new family and now friends. We saw their house and had dinner with them in the possibility that we could maybe rent their house. It was truly a great night and has us excited.

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