Apr 12, 2010

2 new things

Well I have 2 things to report today.
1. Anora is riding a two wheeler! Her training wheels have been off for about 2 weeks, and she has just been scooting around with her feet on the ground. Finally, while Jeremy and I were outside with her yesterday, she decided to show off. She started trying to pedal. We tried not to pressure her while giving her positive reinforcement. Finally she would go a few feet with her feet on the pedals. We let her struggle and just have a good time for about an hour. Eventually she asked for help and we were happy to hold her upright while she figured out how to get her feet on the pedals and get going. By 7:30 last night she made it from our house to the end of the block to the south all by herself!
We're so excited! I think I see a new bike in her future this month yet. I have video and photos I'll post soon.
2. We packed and cleaned the bathroom Saturday. So we're on schedule for showing the house in May. We've cleaned and packed the living room, den, bathroom, and cleaned the garage, but still need to pack it.
We're still waiting on acceptance to the distance learning program Jeremy wants. I'm getting a little waiting!
Thanks for your prayers! Please pray with Anora on a bike we don't have to see an er!

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