Jul 5, 2010

Quick trip to Fergus

This weekend we took a quick trip to Fergus. We decided to find a place to store the camper and take it up early. Our friend Barb found us a co worker willing to let it set in her yard. Nice lady. Nice yard too. So Jeremy hooked the camper up and the 3 of us rode 9 hours in the front of the truck. The trip up was great. Anora was well behaved, and we all had a lot of patience. I like that Anora had to sit beside me and hence cuddle. I tried to drive the camper, but I only did it for just over an hour before needing Jeremy to drive again.

First thing Saturday morning I had an interview. It would be just maybe the perfect job. Customer service and light bookkeeping and billing! I'm trying not to get my hopes up. It's only part time, and there is another person interviewing for it.

Then we went to the house we're going to rent. The family who owns the house is out and let us come in to measure, look at details. We found out the drive way is more narrow than I had remembered, but that the hill the house is on isn't nearly as extreme as I remembered. We even took photos so I can start planing furniture layout and kitchen tools! There is a little garden we didn't know about too!

We met some new friends on the trip, and saw some old friends on the trip too (long time friends, not in age!).

The trip back didn't go as well. I was trying to do most of the driving to make it up to Jeremy for him driving the camper. First somehow going through the cities we either got a rock or something on the windshield and developed a long crack right away. By end of the 10 hour trip it was around 9" long. We'll have to decide what, if anything, to do about that. We took a walk through Cabala's and bought a Caribou Coffee. I missed out exit coming back into Iowa for my highway. And took us way out of our way! Darn it! By then we were all tired and edgy. The rest of the trip we were all just ready to be home.

On Thursday before the trip I gave 2 weeks notice to my temp agency. It went well. I think they will really be sorry to see me go. Not counting that Thursday it's really 8 days. This is a 4 day work week, and I'll just work 4 days my last week. Nice little blessing there.

We have an Open house scheduled for the 11th. I'm hoping we won't need it though. At this point I'd rather have any income from the sale and not have to worry about the house beyond July 24th, than have to worry about paying mortgage for another month or 2.

Our friends at church are having a little going away for us after Church on the 18th too. That is when the water works will start. It may not end till were in Fergus for a day. This church family took me from a new believer to ready to be pastor's wife. They've trained me and nurtured me. They've helped my fruits to grow. They've shown me a different way to live and behave. I just gotta know we won't be gone for long and we'll make a point of coming to visit. It's easier for me knowing that I'll be coming back for family, but coming back for church family won't be quite as easy.

We'll I think I've caught you all up, and please keep praying.

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