Jun 8, 2010

still showing

Well, I haven't writen because there isn't much to update.
We're still showing the house a couple times a week. I'm totally ready to be done. I'm tired of cleaning, and tired of hiding out "stuff". So that is the next big hurdle a head of us to tackle.

Anora happily came home from church to shout the good news, 6 weeks till the move. *hit in the gut* I had been counting. So promptly counted and was somwhat releived to find it's closer to 7 weeks.

I'm filling out a few job aps and have put out a few resume's. Nothing too stressing in that area yet though.

If you haven't already heard our plan is to pack truck 7/23 and drived 7/24 and unload 7/25. So please put us on your calendar if you're able to help!

Blessings for you, I'll keep ya'all updated when we have any updates.

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