Mar 19, 2009


So, I have a little mini ity bitty job right now. I'm cleaning up a house, not mine, and getting it ready for sale. It's preparing me for the prepping of our house for sale. I'm doing some painting, washing windows, and general scrubbing. I'm tired, but it feels good to be doing something, and helping at the same time.

Next week Anora has spring break. No big plans, but she'll spend a few days with grandma & grandpa while we clean out the house for a garage sale. I'm ready to purge!

Well, Anora is home and demanding attention. God Bless you.

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Walswicks said...

Thanks for "working" and FINDING what was once LOST...the skillets! Let me know if you come across another other "treasures" we left behind!

Thanks so much. Praying for you!