Mar 1, 2009

Here in Fergus

So, we're in town for a visit and business.
But it's been a strange health weekend so far. Both of us have had what can only be described as sinus attacks. Our noses are plugging, and draining, and in my case, gagging me. Jeremy's getting wiped out though. I hope we start feeling better. I'm really glad that I thought to bring the sinus medicine with us, or we'd be miserable!

We're due at church in an hour. I'm a little nervous, but looking forward to it. Meeting new people isn't usually my thing, but I'm really quite calm. And well, Jeremy is snoring!

We're planning on spending the day with Barb & Steve. We saw them a little last night, and peppered them with our stockpile of questions. They look good! Then tonight we get to go to the President of the school's house for dinner. We've felt very welcome!

Then tomorrow while Jeremy is at the school, I've got a list so daunting I can't even start to describe. Errands mostly, but I think we'll start the morning at Anora's new school. I hoping to get a tour. I think it'll make Anora more excited, and something to look forward to.
We have appointments at the community college and with a Realtor tomorrow too.

Pray we find some humidity for our sinuses!

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