Mar 30, 2009

junk for sale

So after a month of cleaning out the house of unused stuff, we had our garage sale Saturday. We started with 4 tables and quickly realized "are you kidding!" So we had to get 4 more. But we made double of our hopes. It was cold, and we closed early when it started sleeting. But God was good and provided well. Today I took what was left to Goodwill. We still have a small chest freezer and a nice table saw. 

Saturday night our cat nearly ate our hamster. He's still alive, but is wounded, he can't run on his wheel. His days are numbered. 

Oh, an update on college. Jeremy has met with the community college. Their schedule won't be out for a while yet. So plans are on hold for the move. There are goods and bads about moving or staying. We really can't make any decisions or plans till we know what a school year would look for him. 

That is what our house is like, I'm relishing my dwindling days as a stay at home mom.


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Penny Smith said...

OK, you change your backgrounds more than I change bras! :)
Just teasin'!
I am sorry I didn't get to chat with you today!