Mar 9, 2009

update & clarification

So, we had a pretty normal weekend. 

Saturday, we went to the church and put out the music for Sunday and spent some time talking with a friend. It was really nice. 

Then we went shopping for Mp3 players and paint for in the house.I have always like my iPod, and thought I'd have to try to get a cheep iPod. But instead I picked out an Mp3 player that shows video and pictures and holds a ton of photos. We changed all our purchased music into mp3's so I didn't even lose any of my music! I doubts but it worked. Jeremy is real happy with the one he got too. His was 5$ cheaper, but doesn't do as much. 

Then yesterday Jeremy was attached to computers all day. The church computer doing his weekly recordings, his to explain how to do all the weekly recordings, and then ours to get it to network with his. Yikes. He wasn't much company for the day. 

This week we look forward to trying to meet with the local community college, and our 'money' guy, to see how to pay for it all!

I may not have been clear last time I posted about our speed bump. We know Jeremy will need something like 32 credits of community college. So, though we don't know where yet, he'll go to college full time for a year, while I work. Then after that year (2 semesters) he'll go to seminary full time. Jeremy looks forward to working part time during school, but I think we'll need him to stay with Anora after school to avoid daycare. But I suppose that all depends on our jobs, I may be getting a head of myself. But we're undaunted, and still looking forward to him going to school.  We have reasons for staying in DeWitt (several really), but several for moving too. As long as God is with us, we can't go wrong. 

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