Mar 4, 2009

We're back from our trip to the great white north! I have so much to tell, so bare with me. 

We got there in great time. 8 hours! We went to Steve & Barb's. It's not hard to find at all, and it's a real nice house. We unloaded the truck we drove. It had some things of thier's from their move. Then went in to warm up. It was a bit colder, but not shocking. But the snow was surprising. We left brown grass here, but up there there is at least6" everywhere not counting drifts and plow mounds.

The next morning we went to church. It was really nice. Small, but the people were almost as welcoming as here. But they all seemed real nice, and Anora was playing with a little girl by the time we left. Jeremy met someone from the seminary and talked with him a lot. And I met a few women. They had good coffee, though slightly weak. 

Then after church we spent the day with Barb & Steve. She fixed a big meal and had a fancy table. It was so nice. Then they took us for a nap, or drive, depending who you asked. Anora, Micah, and Barb napped. The rest of us learned the streets and layout of town. 

Then we went to the President of the Seminary's home and met him and his wife and also Professor Erickson. What wonderful people! It was nice. We had pizza and good discussion. 

The next day was Jeremy's trip to the seminary. We got a little surprising news, and that gave us a little speed bump. We had the understanding that Jeremy could take his general ed. courses at the same time as seminary. But there is a very recent change where he has to complete his gen. ed. before attending seminary. So, now things are slowing down, and waiting on God to show our next step. "we" still want to move. But we want to make sure that is what we "should" do. 

But after that we still met with the community college and liked what they had to say. And we still met with the realtor, and we like what he had to say, and are still having him send us info.

And then we went to Anora's potential new school. The building was nice. And the people we met were great. But another surprising bit of info, their Kindergarten is only Mon, Wed, Fri. unless you pay (a lot). So if we move this year, we have to decide on 2 days of day care/week or paying for 5 day school. 

I took refuge at Barb's house a lot of that Monday after we ran our errands. We also price, that day, health insurance. Ouch!!! I didn't like what I heard there one bit. Jeremy later said it wasn't unreasonable. But there is just such a thing as too much reality. And Monday I hit that point. 

We had dinner with Barb and Steve too. They were so wonderful to us. 

Then we made it home in just over 8 hours, more potty stops on the way back. 

There you have it our whirl wind, dizzy, looking for a lantern, up to knees in snow, 4 wheel drive, weekend trip. 

God bless you for reading all this rambling. 

PS. somewhere a long the way Jeremy lost his iPod and morning that more than anything else. 

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