May 5, 2008

Not a lot new.

Jeremy took off the day for Thursday. While he worked on things at the church Anora and I had a fun experience. Our friend and pastor's wife, Betti, Anora and I took over May Day bags to the men and women at the Senior homes. I think Anora really liked it. The kids from Kids Klub at the church had made them. I wish they could all have helped us deliver them.

Then we got the sad news that one of our congregation had passed away. I didn't personally know the gentleman, I know his son and family. I quickly pulled together a light lunch for after the funeral on Saturday.

Friday Anora was scheduled to be in a Kid's parade. But the weather didn't cooperate. She was really bummed. But it is rescheduled for the coming Friday.
While I was at the womens' retreat I went to a small 1 hour workshop about the crown financial money plan. I learned a whole new way of budgeting. So Friday we sat down and paid our bills under this new plan. It was eye opening. We were able to put some money back into savings, and eat out a smidge. It's been a long time since we were able to do either. We have a little tweaking to the plan, but so far it looks helpful.

Saturday, Jeremy and Anora planted a bunch more garden, while I was at the funeral. I enjoyed being helpful and doing something to help the family.

Lastly on Sunday, we got out and enjoyed the great weather. We went fishing! Jeremy almost had one. And Anora had a lot of bites. She was too busy to notice though.

And a huge event at church. We were told there would be a meeting after church. I was nervous. I have my hands in so many things at the church, I was pretty sure the meeting would affect me. I was down right worried. But it turned out to be such a huge blessing! We had a member, and friend stray from church a few months ago. And while we prayed for her, and worried about her, she was making some troubling choices. But wow, she stood before the congregation and while the pastor spoke for her, she asked for forgiveness and to be welcomed back. I saw a lot of tears, and everyone lined up to hug her and her new husband. What an awesome thing to see, and be a part of. And what an answer to prayer! It had to take a lot of guts, and I think our congregation responded well.

And I know I shouldn't use the word pride, but I am proud of Anora. She sat down with someone hurting on Sunday at church, and colored with them. What a big heart! I didn't tell her to, she just knew. Maybe God told her. I hope she was a ray of sunshine for him, and his hurt.

We watched a new (to us) veggie tale movie too last night. It's called God Made You Special. It's a collection of some of the veggie tales we've seen before, but I think it made an impact on Anora. She is special, weather she's small or different, she is still made just right, the way God made her.

It was just about the perfect weekend, helping, relaxing, good news, and time together. I want more weekends like that.

Please pray that every kid knows they're special, and just the way God made them.

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