May 31, 2008

Such a big girl.

Things are either dull or too busy around here.

On Tuesday, we had our last large group of Moms4Moms. It will be Anora's last M4M other than some summer play dates.

Thursday Anora helped me watch a neighbor's daughter. We had a ton of fun. By the end of the day, Anora was pretty jealous and ready to have me all to herself again. But it was a ball! It takes Anora at least a day to stop acting like a 2 year old.

Friday was Anora's big day. First it was her last day of school celebrated by a picnic lunch, and Mommy got an extra 1/2 hour all to myself. So I got the shell of a quilt done for a pregnant friend.
Then in the afternoon Grandma & Grandpa came and we all went to Anora's graduation. It lasted all of 1/2 an hour. But was great. They sang some songs and got diploma. They they went nuts and played in the gym.
Today, Saturday, we went to her friend's 4th birthday party. I was scoping out all the younger kids, seeing them as all Anora's future classmates. I think she'll be fine. She's a little more advanced than them, but they have a year to catch up. It was a great day though, simon says, duck-duck-goose, cake and playing, and more cake, and pulling a wagon. What more could you want?
Here is video and a slide show. The words are a little hard to understand, but it was just adorable. Anora is in all pink at the end of the closest group.

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