Apr 30, 2008

infuriating and spirit growth

A certain satellite dealer in the Quad Cities has infuriated Jeremy and I today. I'm now trying to get perspective. We've recently cancel our service with the provider. All was going well, and amiable. Then $175 was charged to my credit card, by the dealer. I first had Jeremy call them, thinking he would be more meek and wise. He was the dealer wasn't. As calm as anyone has ever seen me I had a list of questions and request for them. I talked with a lady, and she just kept talking and never let me get in a word. And when I finally asked a question, she went off the deep end screaming and yelling and hung up on me. I can't believe it. I was just shaking by the time I was done. I've never been that controlled myself though, so I can give God credit for that. Then, I prayed for her. I think she really needs it. Maybe she'll come to her senses.
I would love to here anyones wisdom on how to solve this without paying $175 on the card.
We put the transaction in dispute with the Credit Card, and contacted the BBB. But what else short of a lawyer? We can't afford that either.
Pray for angry people.

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