May 19, 2008

Changing seasons

OH, the changes. Those who know me even a little, know I don't deal well with changes. And it is that time of year, there are changes everywhere!

Today is the last Monday Anora will attend preschool. Next Friday she has a little graduation. Then she'll be home for the summer, and I'll once again have my constant helper. Anora, not just God. To break up the boring days I'm planning activities for everyday. She'll learn, have projects, and play with friends. I anticipate this lasting all of 2 weeks. I always start the summer with ambition, and too soon after she has memorized all the PBS cartoons and their schedule.

Tonight is the last meeting of my couples bible study for the summer. We'll see each other in passing on Sundays. And if plans go well, we'll meet a couple times over the summer. But it's sad to me to not see these parent figures and friends every week for fellowship.

Jeremy has announced that he will actually have work to do this summer. Not only that, but the busy time is upon us. He'll be here less. But after this slow time, I'm ready for him to be busy at work.

Moms4Moms meets just one more time next week. And there will be a large group of women I'll lose contact with. And instead of seeing the women I've become good friends with, every Tuesday I'll just get to see them a couple times a month.

A friend I've come to know, respect, and cherish her honesty, will be moving within the month. (This description doesn't do her justice, but she is hard to put into words.) I'm not looking forward to that change at all! Along with her goes her 4 kids. A real cool wise boy, who can talk to me like I'm not a yucky grown up. A silly boy who can put a smile on my face, and be Anora's future husband. Her daughter who is a great example to Anora, and doesn't treat Anora like a baby, despite the fact she's 6 months younger than Anora. And lastly her youngest son. He can talk up a storm, and cuddle up with you (having cookies helps).

But we'll add in the library activities and trips to the park, and I'll see another whole group of women and friends.

The bigger picture though, despite not seeing good friends often, I'll have God by my side the whole time. He's not going anywhere, he's unchanging. I'll grab a hold of that and hang on while my little world spins out of control.

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