May 26, 2008

You'd think...

You'd think with a 3 day weekend I'd have more to report. I hosted a small breakfast at church on Sunday, Jeremy and Anora helped me prepare on Saturday for that. And I went to a 1st birthday party for a friend of mine, it was totally cute.

Notice that would be something Anora would love going to, but I didn't mention her going. She was in punishment Saturday morning while Jeremy and I worked outside. When I came in to tell her she could be out of punishment, she had locked the cat in the bathroom. I let the cat out and overlooked the transgression. Anora scampered off to get dressed and meet us outside. Sometime between scampering off and actually getting outside she shut the cat in our bath tub and shut the doors. Short memory? We were gone a few hours, before we came home and found the cat in the tub! She didn't get to go to the birthday party as a result.

She has just 2 more days of preschool left, and Friday is her graduation. I hope to take a lot of photos.

Bless you all.
I know 2 teen boys who are emotionally lost and looking for purpose. Please pray for a teenager. Being a teen stinks, you want purpose, but you don't have enough experience to know what all is out there, and not enough freedom to find out. And pressure from family and friends tugging opposite ways.

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