Apr 14, 2008

an un-busy weekend

We had a little exciting news on Saturday. We received a letter from Anora's future teacher, saying that they want to have her in their pre-k Jump start. So we basically now know that she will be heading to school in the fall. It's a huge relief that we have a plan and something to look forward too. I have a lot of things I'm hoping to teach her over the summer yet.

We also made some poor (pun intended), but fun choices in our house. Since we've gotten rid of our satellite, our tv's were pretty disappointing. So we moved to digital. We received our coupons from the FCC, and purchased 2 digital boxes and one new tv. and a cheap vcr/dvd combo. We have a lot of channels, and we're happy with the great picture. I feel so high tech and at the same time, I feel clandestine, off the grid. (cloak and dagger)

Then the funnest part of the weekend was a bike ride Anora took at a local park. She rode up and down hills with very little help. She had a great time, and was very daring! Also, on the Anora topic, I bought her the cutest little "nap" rug. So now that we have a place, we'll start taking 'school" naps. Shorter and without stuffed animals and tuck-ins. But she gets to hear a book. So it's all a big trade off. I set my timer for 40 min, and she sleeps right through all my calls to wake up. It's a nice combination.

I hope to have more on the school front later.
God bless.

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Four Little Boys..... said...

My David (5) also had his kindergarten screening last week and he is ready to go. He really likes the idea of riding the bus everyday. I don't know if he understands what Kindergarten will be like. We will see how this goes in the Fall.