Apr 28, 2008

Women's retreat

Wow, my friends and I are home safe and sound.

This is from the newspaper in that area- Alexandria Echo Press.
Picture is courtesy of the Fergus Falls Daily Journal

A sudden snowstorm on Friday afternoon sent vehicles careening into the ditch – and into each other.

More than a dozen crashes were reported throughout the Douglas County area in a one-hour span that started shortly after 1 p.m.

Most of the crashes happened on Interstate 94 between Alexandria and Osakis. At least three other accidents occurred on Highway 29 near Miltona and Carlos.

All of Alexandria’s North Ambulance crews were busy responding to the scenes. Two ambulances from Parkers Prairie were also called in to help.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is advising no unnecessary travel in the area today, Saturday, as snow, combined with high winds, is causing hazardous travel conditions. Interstate 94 has been closed from Alexandria to Fargo.

Yeah, that is where and when we were! It was white knuckle, no where to turn, just pray kind of driving! My very trusty friend Pam was driving. We were going about 25-30 mph down the middle of the 2 lanes. And did you know, they have so many lakes in MN that they don't put guard rails along the county roads? If you don't stop, you swim. Luckily we were able to stop.

So now I've seen the winter weekend, I think I'll try to go to the spring retreat. Oh, wait, that was spring. We ended up with about 18" of snow all around us, plus drifting around the buildings and cars.

But the camp was great. Despite the snow and short staff, it was a wonderful God filled weekend. I heard many times why I should love myself, that is still sinking in. And got help with finances and forgiveness (Separate seminars) . I loved spending time with my friends too. I feel like I've married my church, and they have a whole life before I was part of it. I want to know every detail.

Now I'm off planning a small church thing. And actually my brain is still back in the chapel in MN.

Bless you all.

Please pray for our countries. May they embrace and turn to God.

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