Apr 6, 2008

We're home and happy!

Well, we’re back and ready to face the world again. The weekend was a weekend of firsts and reconnecting as friends and spouses.

Thursday we arrived early and checked into our hotel. We had a whirlpool suite for the first night. I totally want a whirlpool now, but someone else to clean it. We went site seeing and froze on the beach. We went to a nice little brewpub for dinner and tried new things. I had a hummus platter, pita bread, cold vegetables, and olives, and feta. It was so good and light, but filling. Jeremy had a burger made with a bun of Pretzel dough. Wow, it was good. Finishing the night little walking downtown Michigan City a whirlpool bath.

Friday was neat, we hung around the hotel, had a big hotel (free!) breakfast. Then headed to Elkhart IN to see the Selmer headquarters and see the factory where they make Bach brass instruments. I learned a lot, and Jeremy’s eyes twinkled the whole time. He kept touching things, like a little kid, it was neat to see him that excited. You need to know, between Michigan City and Elkhart, the time changes! We were an hour late! So we didn’t get to see as much as was planned, the 2nd factory was closed by the time we were done. But we met a great guy Pat, who Jeremy does business with. I was wiped after just a couple of hours of following them around.

Then we had our Anniversary Dinner. Jeremy went all out researching it, and finding a place we wouldn’t normally go. Kelly’s Table. It’s in a B&B in the woods outside of town. It was so nice, the price was like $30/plate, but so worth it. Jeremy had a fish we had never heard of, and I had a beef fillet. It’s hard to describe. But it was probably the best we’ve ever had to date, and probably anytime soon. It better be, it was $101.

Saturday I had planned to do a bunch of little things. Boy was I wrong! There is an outlet mall in Michigan City, right downtown. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen, and most of the stores had really great prices. We got a bunch of summer clothes for Anora, Jeans for Jeremy and I. There were a few other things I hate to shop for, and I just bucked up and did it. We spent far too much time there, and we were wiped! I say that two ways, Jeremy got ill and had to make frequent stops. But He wouldn’t let me quit, and enjoyed himself anyway. The day was beautiful, and we got a little sun. We didn’t waste the weather to go putt putt golf inside. And instead we got Chicago dogs and ate them on the beach. After that we were exhausted and went to the hotel and napped. For diner Saturday night I picked a restaurant named Maxines, the advertised Jazz for the night. The food was more expensive than we expected, the waiter was a snob, and his service stunk. I wasn’t happy! So after dinner we went for a walk, and stopped at a chocolate store for dessert. We took a huge piece of cake, and ate it at the hotel with Champaign. It was awesome!

This morning we missed Anora so much, we just went to breakfast and headed straight home. We missed Anora a lot, like when we swam at the pool, or when we walked on the beach. But we got to do things we couldn’t with her. Besides just the quiet and naps, the restaurants didn’t take kids, and no way we could’ve shopped that much with her. And it made me want her when we got home.

I couldn’t ask for a better weekend, or anyone better to spend it with. Now we just get to pay the bills for it ;-)

I’ll make a slide show of the pictures, check it out. We forgot the camera a lot though.

Please pray for a marriage! Your's and a friend's.

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