Oct 28, 2009

Well halloween is nearly here! Anora will be trick or treating as a "friend of Tinker Bell" She's excited!
While i look like a halloween mask. Something has happened to my nose. It's either some new achne I've never had before or an infection under my skin. It has lasted a little over a week now. The swelling has gone down but it still looks like I've been in a car accident.

Jeremy got his mid term grades and has all a's. No surprise, but it makes life a little easier to get up and go to work in the morning.

My birthday was Saturday and we went out for dinner to a buffet and then a play at Jeremy's college. The best part was that I got to sew for several hours in the morning. I'm working on a quilt for a good friend. I'm cheating a little though cause, most of hard work has already been done by aunt, a lot is her left overs.

Blessings, please pray for the safety for all the farmers!

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