Oct 19, 2009

sickness sinking in...

Well, Anora is officially sick! We kept her home Sunday to rest and be on decongestants. She seemed ok this am so we sent her to school, but alas school called 11:30 to come and get her. So I caught Jeremy between classes, and he rushed home. He was able to pick her up and gog her directly to the Dr. Dr. figures she has the flu and a definite ear infection. So no more school tomorrow either. I'll stay home in the am to let Jeremy give a speech in Speech class and then I'll get off to work.
Part way through the day I started feeling pretty rotten myself, but some sugar and fresh air helped a lot.

I have been pretty flippant about the flu s setting in, but please do pray for all the little kids who are sick, including Anora.

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