Oct 15, 2009

What an aweful week

So I'm trying to get back into the habit of updating my blog again. Thank you all for continuing to check while I neglected the page.

This weekend was good, we got a lot of chores done, and had a really nice Saturday with family at my aunt & uncle's cabin.

Then Sunday was spent with housework and homework.

But come Monday things slipped out of control.
While getting more time cards from my temp agency, the starter went bad, and left me there. The people at the agency were really good though. First, a fella came to help me try to jump the truck, no luck since it wasn't the battery. Then the gal that hired me, drove me to work. Jeremy came to the rescue after school to fix and replace the starter in the parking lot, What a guy, not everyone would do that. While our friend Lauren took Anora after school, letting Jeremy fix the truck. Wow, it's great to have help on an awful day. Then to top off the day, my bill for Life insurance arrived, ohh, forgot those were coming. I was hoping my job would be paying enough extra to take care of that by now, but no. Jeremy's should arrive soon too.

But then Tuesday morning Anora woke up saying she was sick. Though she didn't have a fever she did look and sound bad, so we tag teamed the day. Jeremy went to school for 2/3 classes and a test and I got most of my day in at work.

So finally on Wed I had a pretty good day and no major tragedies. What a relief.

Now, today is Thursday and my closet broke. It's a cheap fix, but still a kick to the shins.

Hope your week goes better than mine.

Please pray for my little friend Hunter trying to fight an infection and on prednisone. Pray for his Mommy too.

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