Dec 10, 2009


Not such a good night. On the way home from work I put the truck in the ditch! I was going to fast, and a long list of other reasons I'm blaming myself for. We've contacted a tow co. and when the tow ban lifts this morning they'll get it out. Jeremy went to school this morning, but Anora doesn't have school today. So, I'm home this morning, and when Jeremy is done at school we'll go to Camanche to get the truck and then I'll go to work. So we have it worked out for now. I hope not to repeat this. I'm not meant to work so far from where I live.
Blessings... I didn't hit anything, or anyone. A police officer picked me up and took me someplace safer to wait for Jeremy. I don't think there is any real damage. I had people come to my rescue.
Testings... getting back behind the wheel in the dark tonight, paying for the tow truck when I've been squeaky tight with money for my own stupidity. Being closer to a cornfield than the shoulder, missing part of a day at work.

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Lindsay said...

i thought i saw your truck today!!!