Dec 28, 2009

Life without my better 1/2

Well, Jeremy and Anora got off to North Carolina on Saturday despite some snowy weather here. The arrived at his Mom's on Sunday night , safe and sound.
So on Saturday I got to work. I cleaned and took. down the Christmas decorations. Then I rearranged the living room and brought the computer down to use in the living room. This way it'll be easier to watch hulu without Jeremy's computer hooked up. It's brilliant, but the wireless keyboard doesn't seem to like it.
Sunday I went to church, it was nice, but sparse. The I went shopping with some of our Christmas money. Jeremy took most of it for the trip for food and gas. But I was able to get 4 new towels, a 3 qt sauce pan, a bunch of groceries, and just some stuff we were doing without to be thrifty. I'm feeling very flush.
So of course since I spent all our extra money our much loved coffee maker died. But while picking something else up, I found wonderful buy I couldn't pass up. It's a work of art really. We'll see how it performs tomorrow.
Well, I'm done fighting the keyboard. Good night. Please Pray Jeremy stall wants to come home on Saturday when it' only 10 degrees.

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