Aug 6, 2009

Still nothing!!!

Well I've had a lot of interviews. Nearly one per day. But I keep getting rejections. I'm way beyond taking it personal. Yesterday was one for a plumbing company, I really wanted it, but understood why they went with someone else. Today was a preschool job. I'm kinda hoping they go with someone else, it's a lot of pressure, and not much money. I figured out though, the best job I could get will still only be 1/2 of what Jeremy ever earned.

Jeremy has been super though. I'm glad he's home. I could easily lose it if he were not. He's been cleaning and sharing the cooking. And I know he can just stay with Anora. He had to work 1 more day yesterday though, so my parents watched Anora for the morning.

This just sucks. I'm discouraged enough to look at alternatives, but don't know what that would be yet.

Pray for Jeremy and Anora not to give up on me.

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Four Little Boys..... said...

Keep you chin up:) God won't dish out more than you can take/handle. I know it is sooo frustrating looking for work but something will come up.