Aug 8, 2009

no news

My last post was a bit depressing. I had a few interviews this week. I thought I'd hear from an empl0yer Friday afternoon. But I didn't, so apparently no one wants me to start working Monday morning. It's been quite a variety of jobs I've interviewed for this week.
Bookkeeper for a plumber, I was turned down by the end of the morning for that one.
Accounts Payable for a implement dealership.
A helper for a preschool teacher.
And a 3 year old preschool TEACHER, not helper.
The A/P position appears to be huge, and intimidating, and the 3 year old teacher seems like a lot of pressure. I'd take anything offered, but I don't feel good about any of them.
I should be hearing from a bank and a hospital yet next week about some jobs I applied for a while ago. And I keep putting out more applications.

I looked back on this blog and realized I've been job hunting 3 months hard.
I'll keep you up to date. Please pray I go where God wants me.

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