Jan 26, 2009

slow is nice

So, no fun, exciting things to catch you up on yet. It was a slow quiet weekend. Just what we needed.

On Saturday, we hung around the house most of the morning. Then we took a drive down to the lock and damn to watch eagles. We've lived in the Quad Cities ( kind of) for 8years and this is the first time we've gone to watch the eagles. It was so cold, but a real experience to see. 

Just seeing how many photographers were there was awesome. I counted in just one area there were 20 serious photographers. And there had to be more than that in another area. I'm saying, they had big cameras and tripods. It looked like the sidelines of a football game. Then I was stunned that they throw fish out there to bring the eagles in closer. And there were a dozen eagle just near the parking area. I couldn't count how many were on the island where we normally fish. It was just really cool; no, it was cold. It was around 10 degrees or so. We weren't prepared for it at all. We didn't have enough clothes, the camera, or binoculars. We'll go back more prepared next time. 

Then Jeremy was sweet. We saw a quilt shop and stopped in. It was nice. Laid out well. And they had a lot of kits. Jeremy was surprised by the prices of the kits, but they were reasonable. And the ladies were real nice. I could have spent hours there. But we didn't have a list or the check book, I was able to walk out empty handed. 

Sunday was church, and we watched movies. 

Overall a nice quiet weekend.

Next week Jeremy is trowing a "game" party at church. With TV, movies, games of all kinds, and snacks. I think it'll be fun. And best of all, I need to do very little, and no planning. I love it! 

My Moms birthday is next Sunday too, Happy Birthday to her and my friend Pam's. God bless birthdays! Another year wiser.

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