Jan 15, 2009

are you frigid kidding me?

It is so cold. I'm sure it's cold about everywhere, but I gotta wine too. 

The image isn't great, but look it's nearly 10 am and still it's -13. Yikes. Anora is out of school, as well as most kids around here. I'm just guessing but the buses aren't real dependable in these temps. They're talking a HIGH OF -4. But we're hunkered down, and Anora is playing well. To all my friends in Florida right now, I raspberry at you. Bzzrbt.

I also wanted to post some pictures our friend sent of a the hockey game we went to the other night. Anora learned how to "braid(?)" on our friend's hair that night.


I have recently gotten hooked on Facebook. I was spending far too much time on it. But it was depressing me. I was making several "friends" of old classmates. 2 are in San Diego, one in Hollywood, and one in Switzerland for Pete's sake. I had thought I was doing well moving 50 miles away. I'm happy on my own merits, so I had to stop comparing myself to them. So, my name is Shannon and I'm a recovering Facebook junky

Well, Anora is nagging to use the computer. Stay warm and pray for power. 

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