Jul 25, 2009

couple big days

So yesterday I left the house thinking I was going to the Dr, then an interview, and then filling out insurance papers.
I totally had butterflies! It was an interview with the hospital for a great job. (I had an interview Thursday with a great bank too)But there was an emergency with the human resources, and my appointment was canceled. Whoo, and boo. Yeah, but sad. I even stole some time away to fondle fabric at the craft store!!! I left only buying a 3/8 yard remnant.

But Jeremy and Anora met me after my Dr and we filled out the insurance papers.
Then we went and played at the park for a long time. Then, wait for it,I bought clothes for myself. My very generous Mom-in-law, had sent me money a while ago for clothes just for me. So I finally used it! I bought a cute swirly skirt, and 5 shirts. Yippee!

Then, we had to pick up a watch for Jeremy. While we were at store we saw a girl Anora's age get her ears pierce. Anora was totally for it and wanted it! So for $10 we got her ears pierced! She was so brave and didn't cry or scream or anything. I thought for sure she'd hit the poor lady. She seems so grown up.

Then the sweetness wore off today. We've(Anora v. US) been fighting about the poor cat, April. Here is the story, Monday, she was caught throwing a pillow and soccer ball at the cat. We drew the line in the sand right there! Enough picking on the cat. Then on Thursday she got caught holding the cat on her lap and sticking a pencil close to the cat's eye. So!!! She got the most severe punishment to date. She had to spend the night in her room. She got dinner in her room, and then excused long enough to take a shower. But several hours (most sleeping) in her room alone. Then today she was caught pestering the cat again. Wow! Do we give the cat away, send her to the pound, or put her down. We finally decided that would only punish Jeremy, April, and Me, while Anora would get over it too quick. So we thew away the prized best lovey, Rosey. She lost the thing most valuable to her. She cried, but not nearly long enough, I'm still not convinced we're getting through to her, leave the cat alone.

That has been our week. In the week to come, I have a couple job interviews coming up. And Jeremy is done working on Friday. He's making plans already to stay busy.

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