May 5, 2009

home again, home again, giggity gig

So, I'm home and easing back into reality. I went to our church camp first, then off to Women of Faith.
I learned God is sufficient. God's hands are huge, and not only takes care of me, but my loved ones too, so I don't need to stress over their problems, take them to God's hands.
I also learned that this itching restless feeling I have is ok, and all part of a plan.
Speaking of plans, nothing really new. I've put out a few job applications, but I'm still being picky. If I put out too many now, I'll feel rejected and stressed, so I'm not settling unless it's something I want. Now in June it'll be a different story.
Jeremy and Anora have enjoyed them selves camping one weekend, and working together the 2nd weekend.
That is us in a shell for now.
Bless you.

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