May 28, 2009

The countdown

The countdown is well under way. Anora even know there is only 4 days of school left. Even less now that today is 1/2 over. And even less if you count Tuesday is early out.
Oh, boy. Last year I had our whole summer planned down to what snacks I should get and art activities we should do. That plan lasted almost a week. This year I'm planning almost nothing. I know I want to concentrate on her doing more on her own with out my help. Brushing her hair and getting dressed with out me nagging her. And making her bed and putting away her own clothes. And I'm hoping to be outside more and watching much less tv. Last year I had a guilt complex not taking Anora to the pool. This year I've made arrangements to have someone else take her a few times.

Having said that, I'm into full job hunting mode. I've applied to 16 places now, hearing rejections on only 2. Job applications have changed a lot since I last did it 8 years ago. You e mail your resume a lot. And several of the major employers have online applications. This is nice, especially if you have and need spell check! I can knock out 2 applications a morning. And while applying at the hospitals, you can log on and use the same application for a few positions. So if you hear of something, preferably full time, let me know. I'm hoping the time doesn't come when I have to print 100 resumes and go door to door to the factories and stores looking for a job. I'm hoping to be working by Aug 1. But I'll take something earlier rather than later and pay childcare.

I can't quite decide what I want to be when I grow up. I've tried for cashier positions, to bank positions, to receptions and bookkeeping, to hospital kitchens. I guess really I just need full time and hopefully benefits. I'm hoping for a nice Christian environment. I haven't had to work since being saved. I've changed a lot, but haven't really had any testing of my fruits.

You know, guys have a luxury of knowing, and being born with the knowledge, that someday they will support a family. I use to have the idea I'd support myself, but never thought I'd have to support a family, good thing we're small. Wishing I had a degree in something right about now.

Jeremy is gearing up to register for his fall classes. I had once posted that he'd be going to Clinton Community, but they didn't treat him so good. So he's going to travel a little farther, but they've been accommodating and helpful. Classes start a little after Anora's. Her school starts Aug 17th I think and he starts Aug 25th I think.
So I know what happens today, and I know what happens in Sept, but the in between is very dark and scary.

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