Feb 13, 2009

What a bad day.

Not mine, but Jeremy's. He has had a just awe full day! He had the day off, we were planning on doing some traveling, but plans fell through. He decided he just waned to keep the day free.
First he woke early, remembering he left some stuff at work that he needed this weekend. So he took off early, hoping to beat traffic. On the way home, he ran out of gas. Yuck!
Then we all took a drive to get groceries. That went pretty well.
Being the great guy he is, he went out to buy some home improvement supplies. While he was out though, the car's battery light came on! He limped the car home.
Did have one thing go well. He found he could take off the big belt and the alternator off easily. So armed with the old parts he headed off to a near by big town. He visited several car supply stores. No luck, no one had it. So he came home down trodden, but not beat. He took the phone and called the favorite store in the next big town near by. Wallah they had it. He finally won a small battle. He is now in the garage battling the car once again.

I hope tomorrow goes much better!
I pray that your day goes better.

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llfrobish said...

Yuck, that is a rough day. More than one person at my office mentioned the fact that I was quitting on Friday the 13th.. turns out my day was fine. Good thing J is so upbeat and positive. Anybody else would have crawled back into bed and hid under the sheets! Way to let the light shine through.. the devil don't like that, but we don't care!