Feb 25, 2009

oh, the nerves

So, today we meet with the realtor. I was suppose to meet her last week. But I got the jitters, overreacted, threw the world on my self, and ran out of the house screaming. I ran to a series of fabric stores! Ooh, fabric. (drool)
So, Jeremy isn't let me overwhelm myself. And, if I flip out, he'll be here to continue after I run out screaming.
I don't know why selling the house is weirding me out. I don't like the house, and I've wanted to sell it since shortly after we bought it. But it is 1 of only 2 things that are freaking me out about the move. I'm good with packing, selling and giving, change in J's career, change in lifestyle, picking out new houses, renting trucks, living in a new town, even (wait for it) meeting new people. But selling the house seems to suck the air right out of me.
So wish us luck. Pray for slow moving feet for me.

We leave this weekend to go up to the new town. We'll see friends, see lots of business people, see 2 schools for Jeremy and Anora's new school. We planned our "to-do" list for our visit, it's daunting.

We were going to stay at our friends' house, but after looking at our to do list, I'll be ready to hide in a hotel room under the covers. Stressed company isn't good company. 

Well, that is where we are at right now.

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