May 5, 2011

a little and a lot!

Apparently I only take time for this blog when a dear friend or mom gives me a rough time about not updating it.
So, I'll attempt to update you all a little.

Hockey as I'm concerned is over, all the teams I follow are out of the playoffs and I have only gotten to see one game all year.

Anora is letting 1003 dogs out this morning to use the yard. Her imagination is alive and well.

Matt & Fred, Jeremy's brother and Dad are talking of a visit here later in the month. That would be nice.

I am nearly complete with another quilt. A secret woman and the DeWitt Church gave me some bundles of blue tone fat quarters and I've had them pieced for quite a while. But I'm attempting to machine quilt for really the first time. It's going better than I thought. I had to read a book to really learn it though.
I also completed a quilt top and pillow case for Quilts of Valor. I really enjoyed that.
I also completed a little brag book of all the quilts and fabric crafts I've finished.

We have gotten netfilx "watch instantly" here. It's nice and a little addicting. We had an old computer hooked up to the tv at first, but after a while the computer just couldn't handle it all. So we purchased a little box "roku". We love it. Next step is to decide if we can get rid of our cable and phone. It's nice to get the local news for storms, we don't get that w/out cable. Need to think about that one more.

So there was the so little, we really don't have much real news to report-but we do have one big thing to report...

Jeremy will finish his Bachelor's degree in about 1 week. He has one paper and 2 tests to complete. Paper and a test in Comparative Religion, and one test in Church History I think it is. He's so close. Being Thursday he may need to roll over into next week yet, but he has 2 weeks of the semester to complete it all! He has finished his class at the local seminary as well. Their graduation for 4 friends is 14th. Coincidentally on Jeremy's birthday.

Please pray for Jeremy's patience and for safety for our summer.
Blessings, to you and your families.

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