Jun 25, 2009

Glory be to God

So, I've been moping a little, waiting for a job. I've been thinking, I'm sure God has something for me, I just have to wait. I got tired of waiting a few time. But, God has chosen his time, and boy, has he delivered!
Yesterday I had a job interview. It was for sewing, and would've been a good steady job. I just didn't feel 100% about it though. I was considering turning it down if it was offered. Well this morning it was offered. Wow, what a gift, could I rightfully turn it down? I was pondering weather to take the offer or turn it down, when I got a call from a temp agency about 2 more openings I'd be qualified for. Oh, Boy. A bird in the hand or 2 in the bush. After getting a lot of advice and soul searching I had pretty much made up my mind. Then I got a call from the temp agency again, and I have an interview tomorrow! Wow! God is good, slower than I would like, but right on time and GREAT. So I called the sewing job and asked if they could wait another day for an answer. They couldn't wait, so I did turn them down. They were very big and professional about it.
I know God is great and he'll come though, I just needed a reminder of how big he is.
I'll keep you all updated on this crazy stuff.

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